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Westin Automotive

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Westin Automotive is a highly respected and well-known manufacturer of quality accessories for automobiles, SUVs and trucks. Truck accessories by Westin can be seen on some of the most well known off road vehicles in the sports world, and the company prides itself on it’s staff’s broad and in depth knowledge of their products. If you are an avid off road driver, and you want to protect your vehicle, you will find some highly durable and long lasting accessories that are built to withstand the damage that your vehicle would be exposed to in the harshest of off-road conditions. The accessories will not only make your vehicle looks unique and beautiful, but they will protect you vehicle, or provide additional features you would need for your plans for your vehicle.

If you use your vehicle to transport heavy loads in a pickup truck, then you will benefit from Westin’s pickup truck accessories. Truck bed rails can provide additional strength for securing your load, preventing it from moving around in transit and being damaged, as well as providing a handle for you so you don’t slip as you are loading and offloading your vehicle. For the off-roader, a vast range of bars, handles and grilles for most vehicles, especially 4 x 4s are available to help you to keep your vehicle in the best condition, and keeping you safe too. All these accessories are made with the strongest of materials, as Westin know about their customers and what they want from their products.

If you are looking for safety, you will find some of the best bumpers on the market with Westin, as well as many other accessories that are designed to take the force of any bumps or knocks, ensuring that you, and any cargo that you are carrying will be safe. You can buy with confidence from Westin, knowing that you will be getting just what you need at the best possible price.

Westin Grille Guards

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If you are looking for Grille Guards for your truck, 4 x 4 or SUV, then you should look no further than the known and highly trusted company Westin.

Westin Grille Guards are a great fashion accessory that makes a great addition to most vehicles. For uniqueness and to turn the most heads, the grille guards are an excellent choice. In order to match your grille guard with the rest of the bodywork and trim on your vehicle, you can select from chrome or colored powder coated steel, which is highly durable and will not rust, or chip.

You will be increasing the safety of your vehicle when you install Westin Grille Guards, as they are designed specifically to provide protection between the front end of your vehicle and any object that may accidentally collide with it. The Westin Grille Guard tubes are attached to your vehicle using rubber pads, which will absorb the impact of hitting larger objects at higher speeds. If you drive in icy, dark or dangerous terrains, then you should consider purchasing Westin Grille Guards for your vehicle.

Not only from a safety point of view, but from a design aspect, the Westin Grille Guards are curved and beautifully follow the shape of your vehicle. Rather than looking like an afterthought, the Westin Grille Guards merge perfectly into the existing design of your vehicle making a welcome addition rather than looking like a necessary modification.

Anyone who has ever bought a Westin Grille Guard will be able to tell you how beautiful the grille guards are. They are not too expensive, and it is a small price to pay for an accessory that could save your life. With simple installation and plenty of different styles and finishes to choose from, you could be driving away with perfect Westin Grille Guards in no time!

Westin Side Bars

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If you are looking for Side Bars for your truck or SUV, Westin is a popular choice. With a variety of Side Bars available in multiple choices of finishes, you will be able to find the bars you need and be sure that you will be receiving an excellent quality product.

Side Bars are intended to save your vehicle’s bodywork from the usual chips and body damage associated with off-road driving. Whilst you drive along over loose stones and gravel, stones and pieces of debris will usually fly upwards, causing scratches and visible damage to your paintwork. Touching up these blemishes on the body of your vehicle can be a nightmare, as you need to choose the right color, and even when you do, it is usually easy to see the patches of newly painted bodywork. This can damage your vehicle’s image and if you want to sell it at some point, those chips can make it hard to sell.

Customers of the Westin brand of Side Bars will always tell you about how happy they are with the expert knowledge of the staff at Westin, and boast about the quality of their accessories.

You can choose a chrome plated finish for your Westin Side Bars, as well as a polished stainless steel finish, in order to help the side bars fit in with other trims on your vehicle. The metal that is used is protected against corrosion, so you will not suffer from rust or discoloration to your side tubes.

The Side Bars are manufactured to be a universal fit and you will not usually need to drill into your bodywork as the bars are designed to be screwed into holes that are already in your vehicle. The Westin Side Bars are attached to the body using some strong brackets, whose joints are welded for extra durability.

At an affordable price and with plenty of options to choose from, you will not regret buying Westin’s robust and beautifully stylish Side Bars.

Westin Truck Bed Rails

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You can buy Westin Truck Bed Rails at the most competitive prices, and rest assured that you will be receiving a built for purpose, highly effective accessory for your truck.

If you have a truck, and you have tried transporting heavy or large loads in the past, you may be aware of how the load can slide around in the truck bed, often causing damage, either to the truck, or the cargo that you are carrying. A simple solution to this is Westin Truck Bed Rails. These rails will provide an anchor for you to use to secure your cargo, and stop it from sliding around. The rails are manufactured from strong steel, and are tubular as this is the most rigid option for such as construction. You will also be able to use these side rails to help you to steady yourself when you are moving goods around in your truck bed, as the bed can often become slippery and be dangerous.

Westin Truck Bed Rails are usually manufactured for specific vehicles, and they are simply screwed into place, using designated holes that are already in place in the side of your truck bed. The simple installation means that you can get on the road in no time, and be sure that they are properly secured and a good fit.

The different options of Westin Truck Bed Rails are those that run along the full length of the truck bed. These rails protect your entire truck bed from damage. They cost the most out of the range of Westin Truck Bed Rails. Other rails only extend half way along the length of your truck bed, and they are more intended to be an anchor so you can secure your cargo from moving around.

Customers of Westin Truck Bed Rails are always satisfied and reviews are always positive and praise Westin highly for their exceptional workmanship.

Westin Bumpers

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If you drive in treacherous conditions, such as snow, ice, dark or on rough terrain, you would benefit from the protection offered by Westin Bumpers, which offer the highest quality and best value for money around.

When you buy from Westin, you can be sure that you will be receiving a good quality product. The bumpers are tubular and made from incredibly strong and long lasting steel, perfect for those accidents and protection for you and your vehicle.

Westin bumper customers are very happy with their bumpers. With many different styles to choose from, and a trustworthy brand name, customers enjoy a relaxed buying experience from Westin.

If you have an older vehicle, you will be able to choose a bumper from the Westin Universal Bumper range. These are manufactured by Westin owned company Fey, and are especially for older models of pickup trucks and vans. Powder coated steel ensures that the bumpers are highly durable and are protected against corrosion or damage from loose stones.

The perfect match series of Westin bumper, again manufactured by Westin’s Fey is one of the most perfect fitting bumpers for the aftermarket. The bumper tubes are made from formed steel and are stamped. With extensive testing under huge strains, these are probably the safest bumpers you can find. The finish options for these perfect bumpers are black powder coating, which protects against the elements or a high shine chrome finish. Both look beautiful, so choose the finish that best suits your vehicle. They are simple to install and look as though they came with your vehicle.

The bumpers have been designed to still allow the driver to access the spare tire, and the perfect match series even features a tow hole to allow you to use your vehicle for lightweight towing.

Westin bumpers are a great addition for your vehicle.

Westin Miscellaneous

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For a great range of accessories for your truck, SUV, 4 x 4 or van, Westin is a brand that you can rely on. They offer many accessories from truck bed covers for convenience and to protect your goods, to safety accessories such as side rails and bumpers. The excellent quality and rigorous testing that accompanies the Westin range of modifications make them one of the leading names in the industry.

Westin have a strong and loyal customer base, and their products are widely used amongst sports men for your off road needs.

To help you to get in and out of your vehicle with ease, there are many step up accessories to choose from. Westin Oval tubes and step bars provide a strong and sturdy step to help you keep your footing when you are getting in and out of your vehicle. Round step bars are also available, and if you are concerned about slipping off the round edge, some models are even equipped with rubber grips for safety. This is especially useful in colder conditions or when it rains. For added security and safety, molded running boards, and sure grip running boards are available to give you further options when it comes to step up options.

For your body trim, you are spoilt for choice. Westin offer grilles to provide a safety barrier from you and anything you may accidentally collide with, as well as drigin lights, tailgate ladders and guards for your vehicle’s lights. Westin sport tube accent bars provide protection for the bodywork from stones, whilst enhancing the look and style of your vehicle.

With so many different products to choose from, you will be able to upgrade many aspects of your vehicle’s design using accessories from Westin. With excellent levels of perfection, style, durability and safety, no matter what the upgrade is for, you will be getting a product that you can rely on.

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