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Westin Off-Road Light Bar

Stay safe, light up the night-time horizon and avoid hazardous obstacles in any weather conditions. Westin offers a variety of Offroad Racing, Fog & Driving Lights for your vehicle, designed tough to handle any trail and in a variety of sizes to meet your offroading needs.

About Westin

Westin is now into its fourth decade of supplying quality accessories for pick-up trucks and SUVs. The Westin products have built a strong reputation for the company by always providing great quality at a competitive price. Buyers of Westin products know they get good value for money, whether they buy a budget item for a specific purpose or a top of the line product for long term enjoyment. Westin is built on the philosophy that a product should work, look good, and last. Every product has to be designed right for its purpose, be made of quality materials and survive normal wear and tear for well beyond the warranty period.

Westin Off-Road Light Bar Features

The Westin off-road light bar was designed to give your truck or SUV a rough and rugged appearance while slamming some intense style into the mix. Westin uses 2" steel tubing to ensure you get a product that lasts for years to come. They can withstand any harsh abuse you throw their way and are designed to fit up to 4 lights at 8" diameter. The design also gives your truck a much more rugged appearance and are available in polished stainless steel & black powdercoat finishes.

Mount lights to your off-road light bar in style. Mounting a Westin off-road light bar to your truck is easy and you won't have to make any modifications. Everything you need to put one of these awesome bars on your truck is included by Westin.


  • Vehicle specific applications
  • Patented bolt-on installation technique
  • Made in 2" steel tubing
  • Accommodates off-road lights up to 8" in diameter
  • Accommodates up three lights on mid-size trucks and up to four on full-size trucks
  • Welded light mounting tabs
  • Upgraded light mounting technique
  • Positioned above the bumper
  • No-drill installation