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Jeep off-road accessories: from bull bars to tail light guards

Jeep offroad accessories

Jeep brand history

Jeep has been a choice of adventurers and off-roaders for more than 60 years. Though, first Jeep was born of necessity to develop fast all-terrain for military purposes. In 1940 Axis powers were scoring more and more victories in Europe, so the need for U.S. Army to have a lightweight reconnaissance vehicle became urgent.

Jeep History

Willys-Overland company constructed the vehicle that met Army specifications just within 75 days. During World War II Willys-Overland supplied to the Army more than 330,000 'Jeeps'. There is no common theory about 'Jeep' name origins. But thanks to the article about Jeeps, written by Katherine Hillyer and published in 1941 in Washington Daily News, the name became widely used. Jeep trademark was registered in 1950 and currently belongs to Chrysler Corporation.

After the war Jeep served many needs. Willys-Overland promoted it as work, recreation, and delivery vehicle. First sicil Jeep CJ-2A was introduced in 1945.

In 1963 the new Jeep Wagoneer wasintroduced. It was the beginning of modern Cherokee and Grand Cherokee.

To discover more visit official Jeep website.

Jeep off-road accessories

Whether you do a lot of off-road driving or prefer staying in the city jungles, you want your Jeep to stand out from the crowd. And that's when aftermarket accessories will come in handy. Though, depending on your driving style, accessories you choose will differ. If you drive in the city most of the time, you want your vehicle to have a distinct, head-turning look, while driving off-road you should also take into consideration your vehicle's and your own safety. Let's take a closer look at Jeep off-road accessories.

Front-end protection

Jeep grille guard

The first thing you want to be sure of before getting off the road is that your Jeep's front end is protected from every unforeseen damage, like stones and trees branches that may scratch the paint or hit the radiator. To prevent this from happening, you should consider armoring your Jeep with front bumper guards. There are three types of front grille guards to choose from:

  • Central grille guards;
  • Brush guards that cover not just a grille, but headlights as well
  • Bull bars and skid plates protect the underside of your Jeep's bumper.

Rear-end protection

But front end is not the only part of the vehicle that needs additional protection during extreme off-road driving. Tail lights or rear bumper can be easily damaged by a rock or other debris. Rear bumper guards and tail light guards are made to 'cover your back' while you're exploring the unknown.

Rear bumper guards have similar construction to the front ones and in fact serve the same purpose – to protect your Jeep from the rigors of the trail. Tail light guards are the pair of grilles that cover tail lights with tough stainless steel tubes and prevent plastic housing from being broken into small pieces.

Jeep rear bumper guard
Jeep tail light guards

Side protection

Nerf bars and running boards are one of the most popular Jeep accessories among off-roaders. They have two functions: to provide an extra stepping surface to a driver and increase undercarriage protection from a damage that can be caused by flying rocks. There is a variety of nerf bars and running boars styles and materials. Nerf bar tubing sizes may vary from 2'' to 6''. For those who do a lot of off-roading, larger nerf bars can be a better option than the ones with sleeker design as they protect vehicle's sides more efficiently.

Jeep nerf bars

Westin Jeep Accessories

Installing aftermarket accessories on your Jeep, you want them to be durable and resistant to damage. And when you drive off-road, it becomes #1 in the list of the features you expect from your Jeep's accessories. I highly recommend that you choose automotive products by well-known, time- and customer-proven brands, such as Westin Automotive .

Westin jeep accessories

The Westin product line includes but is not limited to:

  • Grille guards
  • Nerf bars and running boards
  • Floor mats
  • Truck racks
  • Wind deflectors
  • Hood scoops

Having over 35 years of experience, Westin knows what truck owners want and aims to meet their exacting standards. For those of us who own Jeeps, Westin has created a selection of Jeep products. Browse Westin official website to check them out.

Jeep Accessories Store

When you're ready to upgrade your Jeep exterior and improve its protection for more successful off-roading, you need a marketplace to shop for Jeep accessories. Looking for a bull bar and projector headlights for my 2013 Jeep Wrangler I came across a CARiD, an online store which is definitely worth seeing.

CARiD Jeep Accessories

It stocks a huge collection of car accessories. But despite the fact that there you can find accessories for vehicles from all major makes, seems like everything you need is just one or two clicks away. What's more, all pictures there are really detailed and of an awesome quality so you can see a product from different angles.

And, by the way, headlights and bull bar I bought there are of great quality and suit my Wrangler perfectly.

How to Prepare You Jeep For Off-Road

Now you know about all kinds of Jeep off-road protection, including front, read-end and side one. But there is a plenty of other things you should take care about before leaving safe and cozy highway. Properly-chosen Jeep off-road parts will help you conquer even the most rugged terrain.

So, what is the first thing to start with? Wheels and tires. After all, crossing sand or snow deserts, crawling rocks, overcoming muddy terrains or crossing water barriers demands way different approach to choosing off-road tires.

Off-road bumpers and winches are two other things that should be in the arsenal of every off-roader.

And don't forget about a stock of water and gas, battery charger and some food in case you get hungry during the day.

As you can see choosing right Jeep off road parts and preparing for off-road adventure may demand a big deal of time and effort. But what every offroader knows for sure is that adventure is worth it!



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