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Hitch Steps for Trucks & SUVs

If you drive a truck, you probably haul a lot of cargo. After all, that's what trucks are made for. So the situation when your truck's bed is loaded top to bottom with a variety of stuff doesn't seem unfamiliar to you. Outdoors gear, luggage, tools, materials, equipment, bags - all of this can be found in your yruck bed, isn't it. But how do you see or access your cargo? That's when hitch step will come in handy!

Truck hitch step

Hitch Steps Types & Features

Hitch steps is a tough footboard that is attached to vehicle's receiver hitch and provides an access to the inside of truck bed. In fact, not only truck owners will benefit from having a hitch step installed on their vehicle. Those who drive SUV will appreciate an easy access to the roof racks and cargo boxes.

Receiver hitch steps are available in a variety of styles and finishes, such as chrome, black or polished stainless steel. What's more, you can choose a hitch step that will match your vehicle's exterior accessories, because most of grille guard, running boards, bull bar or bumper manufacturers have hitch steps in their product lines. As to functionality, there are 3 major types of trailer hitch steps:

  • retractable hitch steps;
  • ball-mount hitch steps;
  • hitch step with a backup sensor.
Go-rhino dominator hitch step

One of the greatest things about receiver hitch steps is the ease of installation. You just need to attach hitch step to the receiver hitch. Most of titch steps available in the aftermarket will easily fit your stock 1/4" or 2" receiver hitch. Installation process can be completed within few seconds.

Hitch Steps Brands

When it comes to choosing trailer hitch steps, pick the one from the brand you trust. For example, Go Rhino produces some of the finest trailer hitches in the industry. They are available in chrome and black powder coat finish and are equipped with slip-resistant step pad for safer and more comfortable access to your cargo.

Gorhino oval hitch step black on car

Where To Buy a Hitch Step?

If you are looking for a wide selection of hitch steps, CARiD.com is a number one destination. You can buy receiver hitch step at CARiD.com just within few clicks and get your order delivered right to your door. With hitch steps available for almost every vehicle model, there is no doubt, that you'll find a product meets and exceeds your expectation!

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