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Go Rhino Wrangler Grille Guard

Want to make your tough looking rig look even tougher? Installing Go Rhino Wrangler Series Grille Guards not only gives you the additional toughness you are looking for, but gives you the additional benefits of better front end protection while providing you with a patented built-in step for better access to your engine compartment. These are not a “one size fits all” approach simply because each vehicle application has a specific design so your vehicle’s styling or safety will not be compromised by installing Go Rhino Wrangler Series Grille Guards. Satisfying long-lasting quality is found in all Go Rhino products through their high-tech manufacturing processes.

The Go Rhino Wrangler grille guard was made to be used in the rough outdoors. This item is built into one piece that is heavy duty with a step included which helps to get a better view under the hood of your truck. This is especially useful if you have a lift kit added to your truck.

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Go Rhino Wrangler Grille Guard Features

The step that is included with the Go Rhino Wrangler grille guard is aluminum and patented. The center part of the guard protects your trucks grille. This item comes in black powder coat and polished stainless steel, and it gives your truck an awesome rugged look. The bottom step of this grille guard is 3", the brush guards are 1", the side plates are 1/8" by 1 ½" and the tubing around the grille is 1 ½".

Since the Go Rhino Wrangler grille guard is only one piece, it is easy to install because it mounts to the frame of your truck and you don't have to worry about drilling any holes as well. This is the item you want for front grille protection and durability.

  • Perfect for lifted trucks, the patented front step allows easy access to the engine
  • One piece solid heavy duty design with a large center screen for extra grille protection
  • Made from thick steel tubing with smooth rounded ends and smooth welds
  • Choice of powder coated black or polished stainless steel finishes
  • Wrap-around side guards
  • Specifically engineered for each vehicle
  • Available for a wide range of popular pickup trucks and SUVs
  • Includes heavy duty mounting hardware
  • Easy to install, most vehicles require no drilling