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DECKED Truck Bed Organizers: What's In Your Drawers?

Decked truck bed organizer

Most pickup truck owners like taking a lot of stuff with them. After all, that's what pickups are made for. The contents of pickup bed may vary from tools and materials to fishing or hunting gear, outdoors equipment and much more. But because truck bed is similar to a big open box, there are few problems pickup owners face when hauling their very special stuff. If there is too much various things put in bed, the cargo reminds a big messy heap. It can be a real challenge to find something in there. Another extreme is when small cargo slides and rolls around the bed during the transportation. Sounds familiar? Then it's time to introduce you to the DECKED truck bed organizers!

Features & Materials

DECKED pickup bed organizer is a system of neat drawers that slide in and out the bed and can store virtually everything.

It provides easy and fast access to your cargo and keep it safe during transportation. DECKED truck bed storage systems are made to last, and therefore they are produced from durable HDPE and stainless steel. HDPE is a modern wear- and impact-resistant material. In fact, company's engineers spent 18 months investigating and testing materials to find the one that would work.

To ensure maximum protection for your cargo, DECKED truck bed organizers are made waterproof, so no rain can spoil its contents. What's more tough materials and thought-out engineering resulted in a storage system that can carry 10 times more than its own weight – up to 2,000 lbs! DECKED bed storage systems are made custom-made for specific truck models using CAD engineering data, so they will fit your vehicle like a glove.

Decked truck bed storage system
Decked pickup bed organizers

Get Your Truck DECKED

DECKED organizers are perfect every application. They are ergonomic, secure and come in a variety of configurations. And if you're ready to get your truck DECKED, check out all brand's products gathered together on DECKED page at CARiD.com. They all are backed with the 3-year limited warranty and come will be delivered to you right in time!

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