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Broadfeet WAAG Style Front Runner

Broadfeet Motorsports Equipment is a provider in state-of-the-art Automotive Parts, Exterior Accessories, Roof Racks and related products at multiple levels of distribution throughout the continental U.S..

About Broadfeet

Focused on expanding its growth platform through the distribution of niche warehouse distributors across the country. Warehouse Distributors that can offer their quality parts and innovative accessories with a high growth potential. By leveraging its unique relationships with manufacturers in China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan; Broadfeet is able to meet those needs and supply the great products at high quality volumes with ultra-low cost margins. Broadfeet is dedicated to making sure to offer cost-effective products.

Broadfeet WAAG Style Front Bumper Guard Features

Whether your car is new or old, you want to do everything possible to avoid costly repairs and breakings. Strong and reliable bumper guard is an easy solution you can use to prevent frequent visits to the auto body shop. Attached to the front and rear of your vehicle, these guards protect your vehicle against dents, scratches, nicks and chips, that might occur if you accidentally run into something or someone in the parking lot.

Broadfeet Motorsport Equipment always offers great and high-quality products to their consumers. They've released WAAG Style Front and Rear Bumper Guards to ensure the safety of your vehicle.


  • Solid One Piece Construction
  • No-Drill Frame Mounting
  • Heavy-Duty 2" Tube Construction For Extra Protection
  • Limited Warranty