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2015 Dodge charger Tail Light Guards

Tail light guards

2015 Dodge charger Tail Light Guards serve as the protective shield for the car's tail lights. Tail lights are often one of the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle, since they are usually located at rear edges of vehicles, which in turn, are susceptible to bumps A damaged tail light assembly poses a lot of safety risks, since communication with the drivers in the rear is restricted. In order to protect your tail lights from scratches and other possible road damages, the tail light guard should be used. The tail light guard is usually made of durable steel tubing specifically designed to fit your tail lights perfectly.

With a variety of tail light guards for 2015 Dodge charger, buying or replacement is not a problem. Installation of these tail light guards is actually a very inexpensive way to maintain tail lights. Though they add aesthetic value to a car, stainless steel tail light guards prove to be highly functional. For a complete Sportsman look, just add custom rugged Tail Light Guards to your vehicle. Available in two finishes; Chrome plated 304 stainless steel tubing for maximum rust protection and black powdercoat made from hot rolled carbon steel tubing. Custom tail light guards are carefully sanded to achieve the smoothest possible finish and welds. They offer maximum protection and perfectly complement stainless steel grille guards. Custom made for a precise fit on your vehicle.


Tail Light Guards Detailed Images

tail light guards on Chevy Silverado
tail light guards on ford F150
Tail Light guards on Jeep


  • Mitered corners and blended welds;
  • Durable steel tubing with round inset rods to match the look of front guard;
  • Carefully sanded to achieve the smoothest finish and welds possible;
  • Designed to the contour of tail light;
  • Complement Westin products;


Material Chrome - Stainless Steel or Black Powdercoat -Mild Steel
Finish Chrome or Black Powdercoat
Mounting Some applications require minor drilling/Bolt-on
Warranty Chrome - LIFETIME or Black Powdercoat - 5-Year