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2015 Dodge charger Rear Bumper Guards

Rear Bumper Guards

2015 Dodge charger Rear Bumper Guards add an extra protection to expensive sport utility bumpers. They are strong, functional bumper guards that are fully welded and shaped to match the lines of the vehicle's bumper. In addition to added protection, they add a tough, customized look without overpowering the vehicle's design. The tough powdercoat finishes are available in silver or black and are backed by 5-year warranty, to include rust. Add a 2015 Dodge charger Rear Bumper Guard for protection and good looks all around!

Product Benefits

It's easy to bump into a pole, fence or even another vehicle when you are parallel parking. Parking garages can also cause a problem because of the cramped conditions and large amounts of cement pillars which can cause significant damage to a vehicle when hit. The rear bumper guard will act as a barrier which will prevent paint from scraping off your vehicle. A rear bumper guard will absorb the shock of an impact during a fender bender and reduce the chance of whiplash and other injuries to the occupants in the vehicle. Vertical bars will completely absorb the shock so the occupants will feel little of the impact.

Some styles of rear bumper guards are sporty and come in attractive colors that can make a vehicle look more streamlined, sporty and sometimes more expensive than it actually is. Even a basic black rear bumper guard can make 2015 Dodge charger look better. Protect that delicate painted rear bumper from unruly parallel parkers, stop-n-go-traffic rear enders and back-up mishaps. Combine the craftsmanship, quality material, and durable powder coated finish, and you have the best-manufactured rear bumper guards available today.


Rear Bumper Guard Features

  • Bolts-on in 15-30 minutes;
  • Rubber padded center grille guard provides additional protection;
  • Constructed from rugged 16 gauge steel tubing and 1/4" thick steel nudge bars;
  • Durable 5-stage powder coated satin black, silver, charcoal , grey and titanium finishes resist chipping and fading, even after years of use;
  • Easy bolt-on design to factory mounting points in the frame makes installation simple. (No holes to drill);
  • Works with or without the factory receiver tow hitch in most cases;
  • Provides complete side to side protection to the rear bumper area;
  • All necessary mounting hardware is included along with detailed installation instructions;
  • 3-year limited warranty on finish, lifetime limited-warranty on workmanship.

Rear Bumper Guards Detailed Images

GMC rear bumper
Chevrolet rear bumper