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2015 Dodge charger Broadfeet Bull Bars

Broadfeet Bull Bars

Broadfeet Bull Bar for 2015 Dodge charger is built to fit specific models in order to ensures that there are no unsightly gaps or awkward mountings to be found once the guard is installed. The attention to detail found in these grille guards will have people swearing that they were installed at the factory. Grille guards take care of protecting grille and delicate radiator of your 2015 Dodge charger, as well as headlights and turn signals. However, they can often be combined with small guards which mount over the rear turn signals to give you the same level of safety when it comes to keeping your rear glass safe.

It's clear that for serious off-roading, certain steps need to be taken to protect the investment you have made in your truck. What kind of truck accessories are out there for you to use in your quest to keep your truck looking as good as it runs? One of the best options for full trail protection are Boadfeet grille guards. These strong guards are made out of stainless steel, and when mounted on the front of your vehicle they provide a layer of armor that is designed to deflect even the toughest possible abuse. With their high profile and sturdy construction, bull bars by Broadfeet can serve as the ideal mounting point for driving lights or even fog lights. A row of lights across the top of a guard combined with fog lights mounted under the bumper can give your truck an extra level of visibility and illumination that drastically increases safety. Even better, using a grille guard to mount your lights means that you won't be giving up any bed space to an intrusive roll or light bar for overhead mounting.


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