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Grille Guards

Grille guards represent a valuable segment of car accessories. While many aftermarket parts serve mainly an aesthetic function, grille guards, can offer a superior safety protection. Car and truck grille guards are made to protect grilles from suffering the consequences of daily motoring. The aftermarket grille guard is essentially a metal grille protector from tiny rocks and pebbles. It also shields the car, like a heavy-duty armor would, against collisions and bumps that may leave bigger and more noticeable marks on the grille.

Think about all the minor accidents that are possible in everyday life. There's the shopping cart that was just out of your field of vision. The pole you didn't see until the last minute. Dirt and debris that can come out of nowhere and shatter your headlights. For the cost of one set of grille guards, you can protect your vehicle against all of these. Aside from the usual protection it offers, grille guards also protect the radiator that is typically behind the grille.

Most types of truck grille guards are manufactured from tubular steel. The best grille guards feature a rust resistant coating and are made of extremely sturdy metal. Aside from the protection it gives to your vehicle, grille guards also add a tough aesthetic appeal which will set your truck or car apart from others on the road. There are a good deal of choices in grille guard color and finish.

Many companies offer stainless steel, chrome and powder coated black truck grille guards. As far as longevity and looks are concerned, each of these types of finish has something different to offer. This option depends on the appearance of steel it is made with. Choose one that meshes seamlessly with the look of your car or truck or make a statement and choose a brightly colored grille guard. The bars which make up the guards are designed in different configurations too so that you can choose how high and wide the guard comes on the front of the truck. The availability of different styles gives you an opportunity to choose a version that best fits your needs.

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Grille Guards Types

Bumper Guards

Bumper guards

Steel and aluminium bumper guards fitted to vehicles (car, 4WD, truck or bus) are a design feature identified as significantly exacerbating the injury risk to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle occupants alike. Their addition to the front of vehicles is seen as increasing a vehicle's frontal stiffness and aggressiveness. A common feature is the use of bumper guards on four wheel drive vehicles and also typically on the front of heavy vehicles. These designs because of their high stiffness, unyielding characteristics (not energy absorbing) and small contact areas are the total antitheses of designs aimed at reducing injury risk particularly to vulnerable road users such as pedestrians. The outcomes in terms of severe and fatal injury risk are clear, undeniable and known.

Tail Light Guards

Tail light guards

Tail lights are integral parts of a car's lighting system. Tail lights indicate the a driver's next move. Indeed, more than just a rear lighting system, it is a form of on-road communication between drivers either negotiating right access to a lane or simply stopping. Protecting this recognition involves protecting the various components, including the tail light assembly. For this reason, Tail Light Guards were made. The Tail Light Guards serve as the protective shield for one's tail lights. Tail lights are often one of the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle, since they are usually located at rear edges of vehicles, which in turn, are susceptible to bumps A damaged tail light assembly poses a lot of safety risks, since communication with the drivers in the rear is restricted. Because of this, Tail Light Guards are needed.

Brush Guards

Brush guards

Driving long distances means that the locomotive has to travel amidst bushes and undergrowth substances. This can cause damage to the vehicle as it may get stuck while in motion. To prevent such instances, it becomes highly imperative for one to buy front runners. This is also an indispensable car part which has to be brought along with the bumper. They are designed as special frames which are incorporated at the front to protect a unit from any kind of damage. They make it convenient for people to drive these gadgets at far away routes. For this purpose, they are also called as front bumper brush guards.


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Most grille guards are extremely easy to install by the car or truck owner, which means no fees paid to auto body shops. In most instances they are prefabricated to fit your vehicle through predrilled bolt holes to make it easier for you to line up the grille guard and bolt it into place. Although it is true that the predrilled holes makes it easy to bolt into place the grille guard but since its quite heavy you may need for some assistance in installing the guard.

Meanwhile in installing other brands, like the OEM options, you need a skilled mechanic's assistance. In the old days a grille guard had to be bolted onto the frame of the vehicle through drilled holes. Because holes had to be drilled, it was much more likely that the vehicle would eventually experience body rust. The new guards guards bolt on to the vehicle without drilling required. The grille guard can accommodate extra lights like fog lights too. You can also fit a winch onto the front of the frame and add the grille guard.

Besides the centered grille guard there are numerous protection accessories, which are made in the same way and style to safe other custom truck parts, like the bumper guard, skid plates and even tail light guards. Headlight guards can be a worthy investment as well. Replace a few shattered bulbs, and you will wish that you had these guards acting as a protective covering. Broken glass can also serve as a major safety hazard. Bumper guards protect against those pesky nicks and bumps that happen in daily driving situations and heavy-duty situations as well.

Consider installing these if you tend to accidentally 'bump' roadblocks a bit too often. Skid plates protect the undercarriage of your vehicle from the skids that seem to inevitably happen when you are traveling over bumpy terrain. Riding through uneven conditions can be extremely fun, but it can mean havoc for your auto body. Install skid plates to protect that vulnerable part of your truck and then let loose. Deflectors keep unwanted elements from marring your vehicle. Consider the bug reflector, which attracts pests that you may encounter while out on the road.